Calls to Action Get Customers Spending


“Calls to Action” (CTAs) are crucial to the success of a website or an online marketing campaign. It’s all in the name. A Call to Action is something that persuades a user to take a desired action, and can be simple text, a graphic, audio clip, etc. This is intended to get more users engaging on your website, signing up for something; even spending money or using your products and services.

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So Why Do CTAs Work?

When a potential customer finds your website, blog or advertisement, you need to give them clear directions on where you want them to go next and what you want them to do when they get there. This ensures that your goals are met more efficiently and directly.

An experiment on how users navigated an online bookstore found that when making decisions involving risk, such as online purchases, consumers often rely more on intuition than on deliberation. Make it intuitive to navigate your website, your online sales will grow and your business will benefit.

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Bonus Tip: Trickery Is Not a Good CTA!

Avoid tricking customers with dubious tactics, such as bait-and-switch pop-ups or disguised ads. They might achieve a few extra hits or short-term sales. But misleading, frustrating content rarely convinces people to become long-term customers. The impact of negative word-of-mouth causes mistrust and can be hugely damaging to a brand.


CTAs are essential to make people ‘act’ in a way you need them to. They allow your goals to be achieved more efficiently and effectively. A good CTA is clearly worded and stands out from the surrounding page. And if done right, a CTA will result in increased sales revenue.

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