Pipit featured in most recommended fintech solution providers 2020

The power of Pipit lies in the large network of affiliate providers through four networks ... Pipit believes in collaboration for mutual benefit ... where most companies see competitors, Pipit sees partners.

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Pipit is the cover story in The Business Fame October 2020 US issue. It's very encouraging for us to feature as the leading story in a US magazine as we have begun initial discussions with a number of potential US partners to expand our global network to include North America. 


Cash remains the most frequent method of payment in the U.S., representing roughly 30% of consumer transactions, more than electronic, credit, debit or checks. (US Federal Reserve, 2019)  Also, the use of cash by U.S. households is consistent across most income levels, at around 25%,  and goes way up at the lowest income levels.  


The article reads:

... "The modern FinTech world has evolved at a rapid pace and has transformed the way people handle their wealth. Today, virtually all types of online payment need a credit/debit card and/or bank account.  Consumers who are unable to use a bank account or card, or unwilling to because of safety or privacy concerns; are excluded from engaging entirely in the online world, which is where much of today’s lives reside.


The return of cash to their countries of origin and the settlement of banks is a popular issue for many migrants around the world, as it may be challenging to open a bank account in the host nation. The only alternative until recently was to use cash transfer agencies who charge a large service fee for wiring cash to a central office in their own region....


Pipit is a secure online payment site for consumers to spend money directly and was created by Ollie Walsh, Julian Callaghan, and Rory Ryan. This is the world’s first such platform. The primary goal here is to assist migrants residing and operating across the globe, to pay expenses and move funds to overseas accounts at a fraction of the expense and time required by more conventional foreign money payment suppliers....


Pipit also argues that digital payments are only a future aspect of FinTech. Digital payers should be able to safely, securely, and easily deposit and remove cash at cash-in and cash-out points, whether they are in the form of a post office, bank representative, a mobile money officer, or an ATM. CashTech innovations like Pipit are also a critical move in getting the unbanked community into the digital sector today." ...


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